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Online Surveys




Validity Research has access to competitive pricing across a wide wage of panels globally. Our panelists are recruited via a double opt-in process. We are consistently recruiting active members.

Validity Research can program and host your survey. With digital fingerprinting, we use data from the respondent’s browser and operating system to create a unique ID for their computer. We are able to detect if more than one respondent is participating in a survey from the same computer. If a single computer is duplicated in a survey, the panel member is flagged and removed from the study.

We understand the importance that sample planning plays in the research process and work closely with our clients on each project to ensure we deploy sample exactly as required, according to the overall project design. Sample deployment is controlled using our internal panel management system and we can manage invitations in batches, by time zone and by geography. We also have the ability to replicate sample pulls with unique respondents to ensure consistent sampling methodology and selection during the course of a study.

With our own panel and panel management tools, we offer online focus groups, bulletin boards and a recruit to qualitative research.