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On-location Intercept


On-location Intercepts are a quantitative data collection method, also often referred to as exit interviews. The target respondent (typically a consumer) is interviewed immediately after their experience with a business or event.

Validity Research works with the client through all phases of the intercept, including questionnaire design, location selection, data collection and analysis. We work closely with clients to identify critical information needs and create hypothesis to be tested in analysis. Questionnaires for intercept interviews are unique in that they must be condensed in such a way to maximize data collection in the shortest amount of time, as the respondent will not stay engaged for a lengthy survey. Validity Research ensures all topics are covered in a timely manner.

Validity Research has thorough experience conducting intercepts of the following nature:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Elections Exit Polls

  • Volume Trackers

  • Consumer Opinion

  • Taste Tests

    With most intercepts, the quotas are met quickly because many people approached by the interviewer will qualify for the survey, and unlike a phone survey or mail survey there is no delay in reaching respondents. A monetary incentive to increase the completion rate is typically provided.  Fieldwork takes place rather quickly, and Validity Research can turn around results very speedy as we have a team of data entry full time staff, who begin entering the data the same day it is collected.