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Central Location Test


A Central Location Test (CLT) is a face to face methodology in which respondents are invited to take part in research that is conducted in a public accessible place, such as a hall or specialized facility. Respondents may be pre-recruited or intercept recruited depending on needs. Central Location Testing thrives on showing products or stimulus to mass groups of respondents that need to be carried out in standard conditions and/or procedures. Central Location Testing typically achieves a higher response rate and better results in research that may be too long or difficult for the respondent to carry out individually. Validity Research specializes in recruitment of special targets for central location tests ranging from ethnic groups, to children and parents.

Validity Research offers Central Location Testing in the following research situations, including, but not limited to:

  • Advertising testing

  • Concept tests

  • Product tests

  • Packaging tests

    Validity Research recruits nationally and can either recruit through telephone screening process or recruitment of respondents through store intercepts. We have a reliable set of venues throughout North America to ensure the appropriate venue for your Central Location Test is met.

    In our main office, we have focus group facilities that offer the following accommodations:

    Fully Equipped Kitchen: food and beverage research are a special competency of ours. Our staff is well-versed on preparing and handling food/beverages and different scenarios.

    Mirrored Viewing Rooms: with mirrored viewing you can watch and listen as your test is conducted.