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We believe in getting it right the first time and employ rigorous checks for all stages of the data-collection process. Quality Checks are routinely employed during programming, early and mid fielding and random data generation.

Sample expertise is critical to Validity Research’s success as a data collection company. We will work with you to determine exactly how many respondents can be delivered for the target audience you are after. We will help you determine incidence rates and use our experience to develop reliable estimates of sample size. You will also have access to our deep and diverse database, as well as our network of sample providers both internal and external.Our Programming team will oversee the programming of your questionnaire. We will provide quick and efficient programming and work with you to determine accurate ways to gather information from respondents, even with the most complex of questionnaires.

Quality Assurance in field starts with training; each interviewer receives minimum 3 hours of training, including Q/A session, training with respect to probing open-ended questions, mock calls, rebuttal training, and background training on the topic of study. Each study is assigned a floor manager who constantly monitors agents on the study, answers any questions they may have on the phones. Each interviewer calls are monitored via remote monitoring system and calls can be available to our clients. Questionnaires are always read verbatim to ensure that no interviewer bias occurs.

Furthermore, code lists are initially based on lifting 20% of verbatim responses.