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We provide recruiting assistance for all kinds of qualitative studies, be it basic gen pop, healthcare, B2B respondents, ethnic recruits, just to name a few.

We have a team of 22 qualitative recruitment specialists in-house, whose focus is solely on finding newer ways to connect you with your perfect respondent. In addition to recruiting through our diverse and vast database of pre-qualified respondents, we take pride in “thinking outside the box” to recruit hard-to-find individuals.In addition to our efforts in-house, we have recruited for qualitative studies using client provided lists (when required) or an RDD approach. Our recruiters are well aware of the empathy required when speaking with respondents, clarifying their concerns, answering their questions, and finally,recruiting them to participate in qualitative studies.

Our areas of expertise include, but definitely aren’t limited to:

  • Gen Pop

  • B2B Respondents: C-Suite, IT, Finance, Sales, Admin Staff

  • Medical Recruitment: HCP’s, Nurses, Technicians, Pharmacists, Patients, Caregivers

    We recruit for all kinds of qualitative studies including focus groups, triads, in-depth interviews, telephone depth interviews, ethnographies, online bulletin boards etc.