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Mystery Shopping


Mystery Shopping is a way to assess and track the performance of those working in customer contact roles; and the performance of the businesses in achieving customer satisfaction and compliance to guidelines. Trained Mystery Shoppers pose as potential customers in order to provide you with an objective view of your establishment. Validity Research works closely alongside the client to ensure a clear goal is laid out, to identify the criteria that employees/ the location is being graded on, and to develop a strategy that is the most realistic to ensure discretion. The number one rule is to not get caught, and make the process as natural as possible.

Validity Research conducts Mystery Shops of the following variety: phone calls, online inquiries and most commonly, in-person visits. Our diversity of experience and commitment to quality, while being budget conscious are what sets us apart from the rest. With our own in-house network of over 1000 mystery shoppers across Canada, we have nationwide capabilities to tackle any project, no matter the size. With more in-depth mystery shopping projects, clients may create scenarios of specific situations that a customer would bring to a company to see how the staff deals with the issue. These scenarios can be as uncomplicated or as complex as requested. Depending on the level of complexity, the right fit must be selected from our roster to make the shop seem as natural as possible, ie. sending only females to an infant’s store.

Technology now enables us to input the data within 15 minutes of having conducted the mystery shop to ensure no pertinent data is forgotten or goes missing. We can equip all mystery shoppers with either a paper copy or tablet to make sure the data collection process goes smoothly. We typically train the mystery shoppers by providing them with a script and checklist of what is expected. As a quality measure, shoppers are often asked to seize a business card or some sort of identification to verify validity of the research.