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Financial Services


The financial services sector changes very quickly and understanding customers and satisfying their needs are critical to succeed. Validity Research has extensive experience in helping investment banks, securities and brokerages, insurance companies and other financial institutions in both retail and commercial sectors. Understanding the critical factors that impact your customers, markets, brand equity and growth.

Validity Research has an established track record of providing high quality, timely, and cost-effective research.

Our teams of skilled research experts work with clients to help them increase their revenues and reduce by costs by:

  • Identifying new target markets

  • Growing relationships with profitable customers

  • Strengthening brand equity

  • Implementing flexible pricing strategies

  • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Validity Research has performed these and other studies for financial clients

  • Customer satisfaction and tracking studies

  • Customer loyalty and retention analysis

  • Pricing strategy studies

  • Concept testing

  • Brand awareness and segmentation

  • Customer database management